Dr Jason Chew On CallWe are dedicated to provide the very best care for all patients. In order to provide cover 24/7, Dr Jason Chew shares weekend practice with Drs, YC Lim, Suresh John, Sophie Leong, Ken Leong, Geoff McCallum, Virochana Kaur and Hema Grover.

During the weekdays, Dr Jason Chew is on-call for his own patients. In order to provide the best care for all patients, direct patient calls are kept to minimum unless the matter is medically urgent. This is to reduce interruptions to clinical work for other fellow patients. Most utilize the SMS service for relatively urgent matters needing attention within 24 hours. Otherwise, non-urgent problems can be discussed with our trained staff. An email service is also available.

If you are in labour or have ruptured your membranes, please call the maternity ward at the hospital where you are booked.

Mitcham Maternity : (03) 9210 3111

Knox Maternity : (03) 9210 7268

Box Hill Maternity : (03) 9975 6364